Women Studies
Have women truly shattered the glass ceiling as some proclaim?

Do women have complete equal rights, same pay, same ability to progress in the work place?

Some may answer yes to all of these situations but do we truly have equality?

I came across an article that I found most intriguing about actors. Hollywood glass ceiling is shattered, but women are still losing out in film and TV. This article states that during the Oscars of 2010 the first woman in the 82 years of its existence finally won an Oscar for Best Director. Wow! It continues to mention how actresses continue to earn less and receive fewer speaking parts than their counterparts. If this situation is still occurring for the elite of society what does that say about the rest of us?

Have women shattered the glass ceiling? talks about us common folk. It point out how everyday women that strive for the best still face great obstacles to obtain the best. We are still seen as the weaker ones. We receive less pay and fewer promotions than men. The one shocking fact it mentioned was that on average of the 4,100 women and men that were polled women earned $4,600 less than the man!  The everyday man can make that in two months while a woman would have to work for six months to make the same amount.

While I do agree that in some aspects we have cracked that infamous glass ceiling, I do not believe it has completely shattered yet. We have a lot more work to do before we can truly say the ceiling has been 100% shattered for all women.

I believe it is still harder for women to be promoted. We still live in a men driven world. The women who usually get promoted or accepted for high management positions are the only qualified for the position and it is thought about long and hard before hiring them. Women can achieve any dream but it is a more difficult road than the highway a man travels down.

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