Women Studies
Throughout the 15 weeks of this class I have learned a lot about women and the obstacles they face every day.  I have created a Prezi presentation for you to scroll through as you wish. I have highlighted issues we discussed each week related to the chapter we were assigned to read. The topics range from history to media to labor to sex to politics. I chose to present this to you this way because women are at a disadvantage when it comes to technology. Typically, women are unaware of all the software/programs out there and are unable to compete with men that have all this knowledge. This also causes women to miss out on job opportunities and a continued decrease in pay because they do not know how to operate the programs needed. Introduction to Women’s Studies should be taught to all college students. It promotes equality and introduces a new way of thinking of our behaviors and the world around us.

The presentation takes at most 3 minutes. I encourage you to look at it all and maybe you might learn something alsoJ